Financial Aid Checklist for Transfer Students

  • Make sure you have been admitted to NMHU. If you have not been admitted please go to NMHU Admissions and complete your application. NMHU cannot determine your financial aid eligibility without a degree seeking admission status.
  • Go to the FAFSA website, and click on Add a School Code, and add NMHU’s school code to your (NMHU’s school code is 002653).
  • Cancel your upcoming financial aid at your previous school. If you are transferring from any other college or university please ask their financial aid office to cancel your aid.
  • If you are interested in receiving loans to help pay for your expenses please complete the Federal Direct Stafford Loan Request form. Please note you must have a complete financial aid file, which includes a transferred FAFSA in order to be considered for loans.
  • Once you are admitted and we have the information above we will determine your eligibility for financial aid at NMHU. Notification of your awards will be sent to your MYNMHU self-service web portal under the Financial Aid Tab.
  • For NM Transfer Students only: If you are Transferring a State Scholarship such as Lottery, you will need to have your prior school complete the New Mexico Scholarship Transfer Transcript Form and submit it to the NMHU Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships.