First Year Experience Learning Communities

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NMHU’s First-Year Experience Learning Communities (FYE LCs) create learning experiences based on what research shows about how we learn best and how students become successful in college. Because meaningful learning involves making connections between a variety of topics, our FYE LCs connect multiple courses to guide students in relating different subjects. Students also apply what they learn in the classroom to “real-world” situations through field experiences, case studies, and other “hands-on” activities. The LC faculty work together with a Peer Mentor and adviser to support student success and create an enjoyable college experience. A learning community is about Fun, Friends, Support, and Success!

Highlands Haciendas

Each LC is part of a Hacienda. A Hacienda is a larger social group of LCs that share a common goal to win the First-Year Competitions.  This structure makes it easy to build relationships and enjoy your first year as Highlands Cowboys and Cowgirls! You will be placed in a LC that fits your interests. Read about the LCs by clicking on the Hacienda pages below.


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