Master of Arts or Science In Media Arts and Computer Science (M.A. or M.S.)

Media_Arts_Web_atthe_tableThe disciplines of media arts and computer science are seeing a significant convergence of interests. Computer science, with its interest in exploring and developing new programming paradigms, user interfaces, computer networking models, and multimedia-based technologies, is constantly offering new forms of human communication. The communication arts professions, including graphic design, animation, interaction design, as well as video and audio production, have always sought new and more effective ways to express ideas, concepts and visions. Thus, they have a natural interest in the possibilities offered by the technologies coming out of computer science and electronics engineering. The School of Business and Computer Sciences jointly offer a program in media arts and computer science that, depending on one’s area of concentration and background, lead to either a master of arts or a master of science degree. Students will receive a degree in media arts and computer science (MACS) with a concentration in one or the other. Students working toward a master of science degree must choose the thesis option. The thesis or project must reflect both an exploration of the student’s interest area and an effort to integrate that exploration in to a broader, interdisciplinary context.

Concentration in Media Arts
By concentrating in media arts, students will develop proficiency with the computer-based production tools currently used in professional industry. They will learn how to apply their skills, talent and intellectual capacity to interpret concepts in the appropriate form of media for the target audience. From interactive design, to multimedia, to print communications, students will be challenged to push the current boundaries of media technologies.The MACS program has a partnership with the Museum of New Mexico, which allows students to concentrate on interactive exhibit design. This requires students to take (as two electives) Exhibit Design I and Exhibit Design II. Completion of this concentration requires Exhibit Internship during the course of a semester or summer. Internships are managed through the MACS program and the Museum of New Mexico.



Admission to the Media Arts and Computer Science program is selective. Admission to the media arts side is contingent upon undergraduate transcripts and student portfolio, which must demonstrate a competency with some media applications. Students who do not meet these criteria may be admitted to the program on a provisional basis, and, by taking certain courses, may gain full admittance to the MACS program.


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