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Natural Resource Management


New Mexico Highlands’ master’s degree in natural resource management combines elements from physical and biological science to create a great program to launch your career. The program is unique in its requirement for knowledge about Cultural Resources Management, and the interaction with people of diverse cultures and communities typical of the Southwest.

Working with our dedicated faculty, students can develop individualized programs of study in the environmental science and management concentration to develop their interests. Faculty has research interests in wildlife, plant and forest ecology, aquatic ecology and chemistry, restoration of soil resources degradation, entomology, soil erosion and surface hydrology.

Job Prospects

Graduates with a background in environmental sciences work in environmental compliance positions for industry and state and federal agencies. They design and monitor environmental restoration projects, and recommend practices to reduce soil erosion and increase water quantity and quality.

Highlands is a great place to study natural resource management.

Our main campus is uniquely close to a variety of ecosystems like forests, grasslands and wetlands. Our students often work on projects in collaboration with USDA Forest and Natural Resources Conservation Services, USDI Bureau of Land Management and National Park Service, New Mexico Environment Department, New Mexico Game and Fish, NGOs like the Wind River and Pritzlaff Ranches, and Indian tribes. The rich cultural and natural heritage of Northern New Mexico provide ample project opportunities on the numerous effects of long-term human settlement patterns on Western North American ecosystems.

The university’s new geospatial lab will give our students hands-on training with the field’s latest technology.

Meet Our Faculty

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