Hacienda Cremello First-Year Experience Learning Communities


Media, Poetry, and Visual Thinking: Exploring the poetics of visual thinking   

ENGL  272     Introduction to Poetry
MART  243    Digital Photography
UNST 101      Integrative Seminar A

In “Media, Poetry, and Visual Thinking,” we study the relationship between visual media and how we transform our environments, through photography and poetry. What happens when poetry becomes part of the
self, our communities, and our world? You will keep a journal of visual and written media that captures vignettes of your life. Using tools such as Instagram, Vimeo, and Tumblr, you’ll learn how to do research and observation through images, text, sense, and perception. You’ll explore your curiosity and imagination, your life and aspirations. Techniques from poetry—such as simile, metaphor, and narrative vignettes—will guide your process of self-investigation. Through visual communication, we learn to see the poetics of the everyday. This learning community is a good match for you if you are interested in media arts, photography, or poetry.


Bridging Cultures: Learning language together

SPAN 101  Beginning Spanish
UNST 101  Integrative Seminar A

“Bridging Cultures” is a learning community that will regularly communicate via the web with students at the University of Puerto Rico — Arecibo. As one of the most dynamic learning communities at the NMHU campus, students will embrace cultural learning in the Beginning Spanish course combined with communication with the students in the Basic English course at the University of Puerto Rico — Arecibo in which the students are learning English as a Second Language. This learning community is a good match for you if you are interested in culture studies, languages, learning Spanish, or Puerto Rican culture.


Let’s Excel in Business Analysis: Applying math to run a successful business

BUS 200        Business Analysis Methods
MATH 120    Intermediate Algebra
UNST 101     Integrative Seminar A

In “Let’s Excel in Business Analysis,” we explore the connections between algebraic formulas used in business and how we can utilize software to simplify and apply them in a business setting. As students of Intermediate Algebra, we explore the fundamental formulas and mathematics required to succeed in the business world. As students of Business Analysis Methods, we apply these formulas and use software to calculate, analyze, and report to run a successful business. This learning community is a good match for you if you are interested in owning your own business or working in the corporate world.

Social Workers: Standing for social justice and advocacy of others

SW 218 Intro to Social Work
NAHS 124 Intro to Native American/Hispano Cultural Studies
UNST 101 Integrative Seminar A

In “Social Workers,” we will explore the evolution of social work and the impact this helping profession has made in the lives of people. We will also research deep cultural formations of communities and individual cultural identity construction, which is the foundation to the social work profession’s ability to help others learn to help themselves. We will focus on empowerment, advocacy, and support for the marginalized groups of NM and the greater southwest. Presenters from different helping professions will discuss with us their real-life experiences, and activities will emphasize the wide range and influence of cultural expression and artistry. This learning community will participate in off-campus field experiences with local social work agencies.


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