Hacienda Grulla First-Year Experience Learning Communities


Hello World!: You can code, an introduction to computer science & engineering

ENGR 115  Intro to Engineering
CS 144        Intro to Computer Science
CS 144        Laboratory
UNST 101  Integrative Seminar A

In “Hello World!,” we will explore many of the fundamental concepts that are essential for computer science majors. This Learning Community is designed for first-year Computer Science students. Haven’t ever written a program before? Not a problem! Not so sure if Engineering is for you? Even better! Python is our programming language of choice, and hands on programming labs will allow students to put newly learned skills to work. This learning community will encourage a strong introductory content foundation in Computer Science, as well as an introduction to Engineering.


Chew on This: The Science of Nutrition

HLTH 213  Nutrition for Exercise and Sport
BIO 131      Human Biology
BIO 131      Laboratory
UNST 101  Integrative Seminar A

In “Chew on This” we will examine the relationship between human biological systems and nutrition. Students will study their eating patterns and analyze their food intake to determine whether or not they are meeting their nutritional goals and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  In addition, students will learn about current medical and science topics in human biology. Off-campus learning may include a field experience in Albuquerque or Santa Fe to participate in a nutrition seminar or exhibit. This learning community is a good match for you if you are interested in nutrition, health, exercise science, or human performance and sport.


In Search of the Extraordinary: Awakening true human potential

UNST 101   Integrative Seminar B

“In Search of the Extraordinary: Awakening True Human Potential,” advanced first-year students will investigate the different scientific perspectives of achieving full human potential. As the semester progresses, we will explore different ways in which we can enrich our lives by identifying and cultivating our strengths while improving our weaknesses. This community will not only provide you with the tools to be successful in the academic community, it will also provide you with ways in which you can start reaching your own personal potential.


Lighting the Way: Using computers, math, & electronic prototyping platforms to create an interactive exhibit

Math 120        Intermediate Algebra

CS 135            Computers and Electronic Prototyping
UNST 101       Integrative Seminar A

In the “Lighting the Way” learning community, students will gain practical design experience through a collaborative (public art) project.  Beginning in the concept stage, the group will progress into modeling, prototyping, testing, and the fabrication of an interactive float for the Las Vegas Electric Light Parade. Over the course of the semester, a multitude of skills and techniques related to digital fabrication will be presented through this hands-on project. Computer programming, rapid prototyping, and construction will be highlighted, and students will apply basic quantitative skills (arithmetic and algebraic skills) to both technology and everyday life. In-class exercises will focus on developing skills in specific technologies that are widely used in interactive media displays and installations. Students will regularly give presentations on proof-of-concept, testing (field) results, and overall project progress.  The group will ultimately be working toward their final project of a float for the Electric Light Parade.

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