Hacienda Palomino First-Year Experience Learning Communities


Keeping the Books: Discovering profits and losses in business

ACCT 287          Principles of Financial Accounting
ENGL 111          Freshman Composition
UNST 101          Integrative Seminar A

In “Keeping the Books,” we will encounter logical dilemmas and learn to make good decisions. As accountants, we deal with fraud and internal controls, safeguarding assets, bank reconciliations, what happens if we don’t pay our bills, and how to prepare financial statements. As writers, we analyze information and form logical arguments for better communication. This LC is a great match for you if you are interested in accounting, business – or simply want to learn how to manage your money.


Sociology of Language and Identity: Exploring the power of language

SOC 152              Introduction to Sociology
ENGL 111            Freshman Composition
UNST 101           Integrative Seminar A

In “Sociology of Language and Identity,” we explore how the communities we live in shape how we speak and gain a sense of self. We learn to think critically about how issues of gender, ethnicity, sexuality, and social class impact our lives and influence how we communicate with others. As writers, we eavesdrop on the chorus of voices all around us and use our observations to become stronger writers and thinkers. This Learning Community is a great match for you if you are interested in sociology, criminal justice, or the study of language.


People and Land: Exploring how the planet and its people came to be

GEO 101       Survey of earth Science
GEO 101       Laboratory
ANTH 102    Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology
UNST 101     Integrative Seminar A

In “Land and People,” geologists and anthropologists will study how the planet and its people came to be. As anthropologists, we address cultural variations and point out that people can adapt to their social and biotic environment through culture. As geologists we, study how the Earth works with emphasis on the natural resources it produces and natural hazards it poses to people. This LC is a good match for you if you are interested in the study of the Earth, its people, and their interactions.


Chew on This: The science of nutrition

HLTH 213  Nutrition for Exercise and Sport
BIO 131      Human Biology
BIO 131      Laboratory
UNST 101  Integrative Seminar A

In “Chew on This,” we examine the relationship between human biological systems and nutrition. Students will study their eating patterns and analyze their food intake to determine whether or not they are meeting their nutritional goals and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  In addition, students will learn about current medical and science topics in human biology. Off campus learning may include a field experience in Albuquerque or Santa Fe to participate in a nutrition seminar or exhibit. This learning community is a good match for you if you are interested in nutrition, health, exercise science, or human performance and sport.                  


Forces of Nature: Applying ecology & evolution to life experiences  

BIO 211       General Biology 1
BIO 211        Laboratory
ENGL 111    Freshman Composition
UNST 101     Integrative Seminar A

In “Forces of Nature,” we explore current events in evolution and ecology. We will investigate how climate change is affecting every aspect of life on earth, including the evolution of species. Through environmental quality labs and outdoor field work, we will weave our own enchanted story about the ecology of our world. This Learning Community is a good match for you if you are interested in biology, ecosystems, or working in a medical field.

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