International Students: American Education, American Diversity

Highlands offers an affordable, personal, quality U.S. education with one of the lowest international tuition rates in the country, a low faculty-student ratio, and a peaceful but diverse environment.

But Highlands brings something else, as well: a uniquely American experience for the international student.

Situated in the multiethnic southwestern United States, Highlands boasts a diverse American student body composition far above the national average (8% African -American, 8% Native American, 56% Hispanic, 20% White).

Our diversity means that while you learn about your chosen field of study, you’ll also be learning about America’s broad mix of cultural heritages.

At the same time, you’re not alone.

International students are an important part of our diverse campus community, and make up about 6% of the student body. Students from more than 30 countries attend Highlands, including India, China, South Korea, Brazil, Canada, Cameroon, France, Italy, Jamaica, Mexico and the Ukraine, to name a few.

Highlands has plenty of resources to help you transition to your new life, with an International Student Center, the student-run International Club, special advisers and orientation, and more.

About Highlands

Highlands University is a state-supported institution established in 1893 and offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in a variety of disciplines. Highlands is known for its multiethnic student body, small classes, research activities, student and faculty achievements, affordability and opportunities for students to combine study with real-world experience.


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