Transfer Students: Making Your New Start Easy

About Highlands

Highlands University is a state-supported institution established in 1893 and offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in a variety of disciplines. Highlands is known for its multiethnic student body, small classes, research activities, student and faculty achievements, affordability and opportunities for students to combine study with real-world experience.

Affordable – You’ve already made some investment in your education. How much will it cost to finish it? Highlands offers the most affordable tuition in the Western United States, so you can complete your studies in a cost-effective manner.

Flexible – Starting over doesn’t have to be disruptive. If you want to finish out your studies and already have an established lifestyle, many studies can be completed online or at one of our statewide centers (Albuquerque, Farmington, Rio Rancho, Roswell and Santa Fe).

Focused Environment – If you do need a new environment, Highlands features a great setting. Highlands University’s main campus is nestled against the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in the historic city of Las Vegas, New Mexico. Our small student population (2,400) and historic rural desert mountain locale allows you to focus on your pursuits and do what you’ve set out to do without the distractions and stress of a high-volume institution.

Need more info? Here you go:

Transfer of Credits

New Mexico Highlands accepts academic credits for transfer from institutions of higher education that are regionally accredited or are candidates for regional accreditation. Transfer students will receive full credit for coursework completed with an appropriate grade, provided the classes are appropriate to a degree at the university.

Course by Course

The course-by-course plan is for students who do not plan to complete an associate’s degree. The course articulation matrix compiled by the Higher Education Department and transfer guides in place with New Mexico two-year colleges serves as a guide for this purpose.

Degree Completion

Students who are transferring with an earned associates of arts (AA) or associate of science (AS) degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher education will have New Mexico Highlands University proficiency, extended core, outstanding state core, and minor requirements waived.

Transfer Student Document Checklist

In order to best serve you, the transfer student, the following checklist is provided. Submitting the following items provides for a smooth transition and accurate advisement on course placement:

  • An official transcript sent to the Highlands Admissions Office.
  • An unofficial or student transcript in your possession when meeting with Highlands’ academic advisers.
  • If you are a New Mexico Lottery Scholarship recipient, request a New Mexico Scholarship Transfer transcript from your current university/college financial aid office and have it sent to the Highlands Financial Aid Office.

In the event the Registrar’s Office cannot determine transferability of a course, you will be asked to submit a syllabi or other information to assist our analysis.

Transfer Student Checklist

Transfer students from other accredited colleges and universities interested in applying to New Mexico Highlands University, need to:

    • Pay a $25, one-time, nonrefundable application fee.
    • Submit a completed application for undergraduate admission.
    • Send a complete official transcript from each previously attended college or university to the Highlands Admissions Office. Students under suspension from another college or university may not be admitted until they have served the required suspension at that institution.

Applications will not be processed until all the required items are on file with the Office of Admissions.

Admissions Status

    • Transfer students are admitted into regular, probationary, or non-degree status as follows:
    • Transfer students who have completed fewer than 16 semester credit hours of postsecondary schooling will be treated the same as new freshmen in the admissions process. These students must submit their high school transcripts (or GED records), ACT (or SAT) scores, if taken, and college/university transcripts.
    • Transfer students who have completed 16 or more semester credit hours of post-secondary schooling will be admitted in regular status provided they have at least a C or 2.0 cumulative grade point average in all college or university coursework.
    • Degree-seeking probationary admission will be considered for transfer students with a cumulative grade point average below C through the individual review process as defined for probationary admission.
  • Transfer students are also eligible for non-degree admission status. Under this status, students are not eligible for any type of financial aid.

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