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We offer an exceptional bachelor’s degree program in biology. Our close proximity to natural landscapes like the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and the Rio Mora and Las Vegas National Wildlife Refuges provide many opportunities for quality field research. Our strong undergraduate research program gives biology students intensive, hands-on lab expertise using cutting-edge technology that most undergraduates don’t experience. A non-thesis life science master’s degree option is available for science teachers to further their careers.

State-of-the-Art Laboratories
Our faculty has state-of-the-art research labs for microbiology, physiology, molecular ecology and conservation, cellular/molecular biology, animal biology, plant biology, and a greenhouse. The excellent student-faculty ratio helps our faculty provide individual mentoring for student success both in the classroom and the lab.

Highlands University’s numerous research grants and ongoing partnerships with scientific organizations like the National Science Foundation help fund valuable research and paid internship opportunities for biology students on and off campus.

Job Prospects
Our biology graduates have a strong track record of successful admission and completion of medical, dental and veterinary schools. Others choose career paths in a wide variety of bioscience careers like biotechnology researcher, wildlife biologist, medical researcher, microbiologist, bioinformatics researcher, science teacher, and lab technician.

Our graduates have landed jobs with diverse employers like the National Center for Genome Research, Los Alamos National Labs, Environmental Protection Agency, Genzyme Genetics, TriCore Reference Laboratories, and the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center. Others go on to succeed at doctoral programs in biology.

Our dedicated biology faculty is nationally and internationally known, with expertise in reproductive physiology, biomedical science, environmental microbiology, molecular biology, conservation genetics, landscape ecology, botany, reptiles and amphibians, animal behavior, and more.

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