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Student Research Opportunities

 Buffalo_micro_biologyThe Molecular ecology lab offers a one week, intensive lab experience for undergraduate biology majors who would like to jump-start their college career buy getting into research as a freshman or sophomore. The Bison Research Explores Project is a week-long research experience including a field trip to Wind River Ranch to see the bison herd and time in the lab learning to isolate DNA from bison hairs and amplify a gene from the bison. The project provides data that will be used in our research and students can participate in interpreting the data they contribute.
 The Bison Research Explores Project can help students learn:

Molecular techniques used in conservation biology, wildlife management, and medical health fields.
  • Professional conduct, teamwork, and leadership skills.
  • Experience leading to a future career or graduate school.

Students_Micro_biology_reseachUndergraduate biology majors needing to complete their senior research project can contact the faculty to find out more about research in molecular ecology.


Master's in Life Science
We are currently seeking graduate students for our master's program.  If you are interested or have questions, please contact the Natural Sciences graduate faculty.

For more information on molecular biology and ecology contact:
Dr. Sarah Corey-Rivas

Photos of a trip to the Albuquerque NM zoo for hands on training.

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