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Criminal Justice

Our bachelor’s degree in criminal justice provides an excellent foundation for students interested in working within the criminal and juvenile justice system, as well as law enforcement. It also provides strong preparation for graduate school in sociology and criminal justice, as well as law school. Our criminal justice degree is multidisciplinary, with coursework in sociology and political science, and an emphasis on developing critical thinking and effective communication skills.

Our students gain valuable real-world experience through internships with state and local law enforcement agencies, adult and juvenile probation and corrections, U.S. Fish and Wildlife, and more.

Job Prospects
According to the Department of Labor, the criminal justice field is growing faster than most fields, and the job outlook for criminal justice majors is excellent. The fastest growing jobs in criminal justice are correctional officer, court reporter, crime scene examiner, detective, fish and game warden, lawyer, police officer, private investigator, and probation officer. Other career choices include community liaison officer, correctional counselor, victim/witness assistant, FBI special agent, and crime prevention specialist.

Our graduates have landed jobs with state and local police agencies, adult and juvenile probation and parole, state correctional facilities, domestic violence shelters, community corrections facilities including half-way houses, U.S. Fish and Wildlife, and more. Law enforcement professionals help advance their careers by completing our criminal justice program.

Our dedicated and distinguished criminal justice faculty has diverse expertise in sociology, race and ethnic relations, crime and deviance, human rights, gender and sexuality, social stratification and inequality, work and immigration/migration, globalization, popular culture and mass media, qualitative research methodology, and more.

Courses in this program are available on the main campus and:

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