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New Mexico Highlands University offers the only bachelor’s degree in forestry in New Mexico. Students majoring in forestry at the undergraduate level may choose a concentration in forest management or wildland fire. The program also offers a master of science degree in natural resource management. The program is continually changing to give students a real-world understanding of ecological functions and emerging modern technologies like global positioning systems, geographic information systems, and computerized data collection.

Job Prospects
The demand for foresters in United States is increasing, particularly in the Southwest. Forestry graduates can look forward to a variety of rewarding career opportunities in water management, game management, forestry, state and national parks, and private industry.

New Mexico Highlands is a great place to study forestry!
The university’s main campus is uniquely close to a variety of ecosystems like forests, grasslands and wetlands. Students can also get relevant experience in the classroom working on projects with our partner organizations like the State Land Office. The university’s new geospatial lab will give our students hands-on training with the field’s latest technology.

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