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Geology at Highlands
The environmental geology B.S. – geology concentration is an interdisciplinary major concerned with the practical application of the principles of geology in the solving of environmental problems. Courses provide students with scientific knowledge, mathematical proficiency, research skills, technical abilities, and writing competencies to launch exciting and rewarding career in the geosciences.

Job Prospects
Environmental geologists are employed in a variety of areas, including:

  • Consulting firms to support natural resources management and environmental remediation;
  • Private industries to interpret geologic data to guide exploration and extraction of natural resources;
  • Government agencies to conduct mapping, surveying, and environmental monitoring as well as public outreach; and
  • Education institutions to teach earth science in K-12 and higher education settings.

New Mexico Highlands is a great place to study geology!
Highlands’ campus has been cited as one of New Mexico’s best-kept secrets. Nearby gneissic terranes, volcanic fields, sedimentary basins, desert landscapes, glacier-formed peaks, celebrated fossil localities, like the Coelophysis bauri bonebed at Ghost Ranch, and world-renowned geologic features such as the Valles Caldera and the Rio Grande Rift, offer unique natural laboratories and unmatched opportunities for field experiences. Undergraduates have unparalleled opportunities to use digital field data collection technologies as well as state-of-the-art instrumentation in our modern GIS, water resources, rock magnetic, and earth materials laboratories for research and study.  Additionally, cooperative agreements with Los Alamos National Laboratory, the New Mexico Forest and Watershed Restoration Institute, and the New Mexico State Environment Department offer students the potential for additional hands-on training during the summer months.

Award-winning faculty Jennifer Lindline (2007 PKAL Faculty for the 21st Century) and Michael Petronis (NMHU Professor of the Year) are committed to learner-centered teaching, student-involved research, and community outreach. They bring their extensive geologic, field, and laboratory training to provide a challenging, stimulating, and useful education in geosciences; engage students in learning and research; and advance what is known about Earth’s materials, resources, and hazards and disseminate that knowledge broadly.

Meet Our Faculty

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