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Marketing Concentration

Our bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration in marketing provides a strong foundation in marketing theory and practice. The concentration has special emphasis on consumer marketing, while also stressing Internet marketing, advertising, professional sales, marketing management, digital marketing, marketing research, and international marketing. The BBA degree is in the university’s accredited School of Business, Media and Technology.

Our marketing students gain valuable real-world experience by participating in applied marketing research and other projects for local businesses and nonprofit agencies. Others participate in internships, where they apply their marketing knowledge and build their resume.

Convenient Online Instruction Available
All our marketing courses are offered via traditional classroom settings as well as live interactive online instruction, helping you advance your career while working.

Job Prospects
Our marketing concentration is a gateway to a broad range of exciting careers in the business, industry, government, and private nonprofit sectors. The marketing job outlook is strongest in leading-edge internet technologies, mobile device marketing, marketing research, and marketing management. Health care is one of the leading industries for creating new marketing jobs. Our graduates have landed jobs with diverse employers such as T-Mobile, Merrill Lynch, 3M and Walmart. Others become successful entrepreneurs or go on to excel in MBA programs.

Our dedicated faculty has a broad range of expertise in marketing, including internet marketing, marketing management, social media, marketing research, search engine optimization, advertising, consumer marketing, brand and identity management, and international marketing.

Courses in this program are available on the main campus and:

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