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New Mexico Highlands offers a minor in physics tailored to strenghen several scientific majors. Physics is the most fundamental science since, in its most basic form, it allows the direct application of the scientific method to the description and quantitative understanding of elementary phenomena that are accessible by direct observation. The central role played by physics in the exposition of modern scientific reasoning makes physics essential to the understanding of all science and engineering.

Highlands’ physics curriculum is designed not only to teach the student the fundamental concepts and laws of physics, but also to develop practical and analytical tools for problem solving through use of the scientific method. Topics in physics range from the largest dimensions, as in astronomy and cosmology, to the smallest, as in subatomic and particle physics.

Students of physics progress from an empirical description of the laws of physics to an understanding of the fundamental forces of nature at the frontiers of science. The ability to identify problems, formulate solutions and communicate these findings to others is a highly marketable skill. Today, people with a physics background are in demand in many different careers from stock market analysis to environmental monitoring.

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